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Catch a Ride, and Also Tetanus is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Pick up circuit box
  • Pick up coolant disperser
  • Pick up control switch
  • Pick up turret engine
  • Pick up rockbolt


Scooter needs car parts again. The Rustyards holds many parts, and tetanus-inducing scrap. There are five specific items on the collection list and these are marked on the HUD with individual mission objective markers.

Two of the parts are in Rusted Cog Settlement, and this area is home to a number of sand pirates. Incendiary weapons are often preferable against these usually unshielded adversaries, although weapons and tactics may need to be adapted with the wide array of covered and uncovered positions, and differing combat ranges, in the bowels of the old ship.

Another part is at Titleman's Point, on the old tug. Spiderants ambush on the path to the boat, and while most are regular low ranked varieties queens can sometimes appear among them.

The final two parts require a long walk through Maroonie's Clipper and finally more spiderants at Dreg Scrapyard.


"You've collected scrap metal for Scooter to help power Sanctuary for another day."


  • Mission Items:
    • Circuit Box - "A Circuit Box Deluxe 5000 or something. This should please Scooter."
    • Coolant Disperser - "A Coolant Disperser for a Hovercraft. This looks familiar..."
    • Control Switch - "This Control Switch looks like it once performed a very important job. The fate of Pandora may well have been in the balance. We'll never know..."
    • Rockbolt - This looks like something Scooter would want."
    • Turret Engine - "A broken turret engine. This will light up Scooter's eyes."


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