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Dr. Cassius Leclemaine is an ex-Atlas scientist who once headed the Atlas Bio Dome facility.


Cassius conducted research surrounding the spores that naturally occurred in Pandora's atmosphere as Colonel Hector directed him to create a gas that would cover Pandora with mutated plant growth. Realizing later what his work was used for, Cassius helped the Vault Hunters develop an antidote for the infection. When Mordecai's blood sample is contaminated and can't be used to make the antidote, Cassius reveals himself to be horribly infected and asks to be killed so that a suitable blood sample can be obtained for the antidote.



Main article: The Cost of Progress


  • Cassius has a substantial loot pool and a modified drop rate resulting in receiving multiple legendary and effervescent items all from the same kill, even on normal mode. His loot pool has the following items confirmed:
  • Class Mods
    • Legendary Siren Class Mod
    • Legendary Psycho Class Mod
    • Legendary Soldier Class Mod
    • Legendary Hunter Class Mod
    • Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod
    • Legendary Berserker Class Mod
  • Legendary Weapons
    • Conference Call
    • Lyudmila
    • Bitch
    • Quasar
    • Unkempt Harold
    • Nasty Surprise
    • Hellfire
    • Deliverance
    • Striker
    • Hammerbuster
    • Shreddifier
    • Thunderball Fists
    • Sledge’s Shotgun
    • KerBlaster
    • Bonus Package
    • Bouncing Bonny
    • Flakker
    • Baby Maker
    • Veruc
    • Gub
    • Pitchfork
    • Stormfront
    • Slagga
    • Rolling Thunder
    • Emperor
    • Pyrophobia
    • Nukem
  • Effervescent Items
    • Antifection
    • Technical Spectacle Vehicle Skin
    • Rainbow Runner Vehicle Skin
  • Cassius can be farmed after The Cost of Progress is completed but requires characters to spawn at the main fast travel location. Loading in from the exit only fast travel will not open Cassius' area or spawn him.