Carrion Call is a Tier 3 skill in Mordecai's Sniper skill tree. It decreases the time left on Bloodwing cooldown when Mordecai shoots an enemy with a sniper rifle.

Skill Progression

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cooldown Reduction per hit 0.8 1.6 2.4 3.2 4.0

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of class mods.

Level 6 7 8 9
Cooldown Reduction per hit 4.8 5.6 6.4 7.2


  • This talent, when fully built up, works extremely well with Skullmasher sniper rifles. Skullmashers fire like shotguns while still only using 1 ammo per shot, and each individual projectile counts towards the cooldown reduction. With a 6-projectile Skullmasher, it takes only 1 accurate shot to completely remove the cooldown and have Bloodwing ready to go as soon as he returns. The Penetrator and Hyperion Invader also work well with this talent, but take up more ammo.
  • Shots will reduce the cooldown time even if Bloodwing has not returned. If Bloodwing is out for an extended period of time (via use of the Bird of Prey skill), his cooldown can be completely removed before he even returns. In this way, Bloodwing can cool down even faster than with the use of all 9 Predator points.

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