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Carnivora is a story line boss encountered in Borderlands 3. It is the base of operations for Pain and Terror.


Carnivora is a massive mobile fortress that also acts as a land-carrier and performance stage. It is similar in appearance to an oil rig on wheels with a large skull fashioned out of scrap metal. Two rear tank treads propel the behemoth while seven large front tires allow for steering and weight distribution. Oddly, the front tires are unevenly placed, with three at the front and left side, but only two on the right.

Despite its gargantuan size weighing around 20,000 tons (4 million pounds), the fortress is deceptively fast, being only slightly slower than a bandit technical without boost. However, Carnivora itself is only lightly armed with four rear facing auto turrets. Much like a real-world aircraft carrier, Carnivora primarily relies on its vehicle escorts as a means of defense. These escorts are deployed from hangars located in the undercarriage. Though it possesses impenetrable armor, its fuel lines, transmission, and main tank are unprotected.


The Vault Hunters encounter Carnivora during the mission Blood Drive while rescuing Patricia Tannis from the Children of the Vault. After fighting through the festival, it is revealed that Carnivora is actually an enormous vehicle, with the festival being a mere construction camp.

After revealing itself, the Vault Hunters pursue Carnivora, destroying its fuel lines, escorts, transmission, and main tank. Once the main tank is destroyed, a piece of the undercarriage falls to the ground. This allows the Vault Hunters to board the vehicle and confront Pain and Terror. After its destruction and the death of Pain and Terror, Carnivora is left as a wreck for the rest of the game


  • Being run over by Carnivora will result in an instant death, regardless of vehicle or armor.
  • The fight against Carnivora is not repeatable on a single playthrough. Returning to the area will only spawn COV vehicles while Carnivora itself will remain in its disabled state.
  • Carnivora will spawn three named vehicles of each type during the boss battle. Each of these carry fairly rare Catch-A-Ride upgrades and one unique upgrade that is not available anywhere else.


  • The name Carnivora is derived from the Latin words “Carn-” (Flesh) and “Vora” (Devourer/Destroyer), literally translating to “Flesh Eater”.
  • Regardless of where the character disabled Carnivora, the vehicle will always reset to the middle of the area upon return.
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