Carnage (Borderlands) is the title of a group of combat shotguns that shoot one small rocket instead of the usual spray of pellets.

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Usage and Description

Carnage shotguns fire slow, powerful rockets, with each round of consumed shotgun ammo launching a single rocket that behaves like a projectile fired from a rocket launcher. Their shots will always "proc" (i.e. generate an elemental effect), delivering explosive damage by default. A Carnage can spawn with any elemental accessory, changing the elemental affinity of its projectiles. Unlike such an elemental accessory on a normal rocket launcher, this will decrease the Carnage's listed damage. A Carnage with an explicit explosive accessory will differ from a Carnage sans accessory only in its reduced damage.

The splash radius of a Carnage rocket's explosion is extremely small, and Carnage shotguns tend to be too inaccurate for reliably targeting multiple enemies in the blast, let alone scoring a direct hit on an enemy. To compensate for the inaccuracy and small splash radius, shooters can aim at the ground near the target, and fire several shots in sequence.

Jakobs Carnages, as well as a Carnage variant of the Hydra (see the article for details) have the accuracy to qualify for the "Hunter's" prefix, increasing their damage even more. While "Hunter's" reduces the pellet count of normal shotguns, Carnages only shoot one projectile to begin with, so this carries no downside.


ZPR1 Terrible Carnage Friendly

Friendly Fire Carnage; Notice it is glowing yellow

  • Boom Stick: A unique Carnage variant.
  • Friendly Fire: The Friendly Fire can spawn with the Carnage barrel, which will completely override the Friendly Fire effect. The weapon will even retain its explosive property, and the Friendly Fire accessory will actually glow yellow, despite the x1 Fire tech displayed on the item card.
  • Hydra: The Hydra can also spawn with the Carnage barrel, which will override the Hydra's unique spread and pellet count, but retains it's damage and accuracy bonuses, making for a potent combination.


  • Lilith's High Velocity skill can make Carnage shotguns much more viable, as their main weakness - the slow projectile - is reduced or negated. Combined with elemental tech and skills or class mods that enhance same, they can be quite deadly.
  • As with normal rockets, Carnage type projectiles are not affected in any way by Roland's Impact skill.


The Carnage effect comes from the barrel3_Carnage barrel. Having this barrel bestows the Carnage Title(Title_Barrel3_Carnage). Apart from the rocket effect, it is equivalent to a standard barrel3, but gives more damage. The reduced Tech is irrelevant, as the projectiles are considered rockets. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

barrel3_Carnage barrel3
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: +30%
Damage: +500%
Spread: -50%
Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: +30%
Damage: +10%
Spread: -50%
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