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The Cara-Van is a vehicle appearing in Borderlands 2. It is found in The Dust, and its presence is always announced by the driver. The spawn point is on the west end of the main path near the entrance to the Eridium Blight, and from there the Cara-Van will head towards the exit to Three Horns - Valley. The Cara-Van only appears once per trip to the Dust, but one can just leave and re-enter the Dust from another location. The Cara-Van spawns within 5 minutes upon entering the Dust.

The Cara-Van is guarded by two Cara-Van Escorts that will attack when aggressors get too close or attack them first. Once they are destroyed the Cara-Van will stop and the chest on top is free to be looted for a short time. After sitting motionless for a short time it will then start back up and resume its course. 

While it cannot be damaged, it is possible to knock it off of the cliff near the end of its journey across the Dust with the explosive barrels thrown from a Bandit Technical. This nets no experience points, and the Cara-Van simply blinks out of existence (sometimes leaving the platforms formerly housing guns floating in the air) without an explosion or sound effect.


When appearing in The Dust

  • "Caravan coming through, keep away unless you wanna lead milkshake!"
  • "We're carrying very valuable stuff for Papa Hodunk, and I ain't gettin' robbed again!"
  • "Caravan coming through, keep away unless you wanna get blasto'd!"

When near the Cara-Van

  • "Back off!"
  • "If you don't step off, my boys will have something to say about it!"

When attacked

  • "Get'm, boys."

When escort is destroyed

  • "Alright alright, I surrender, just rob me and get it over with!"


  • Looting the chest on top of the Cara-Van completes the challenge "The Van is Damned" and awards the character with 5 Badass Rank.
  • The Cara-Van itself is invincible and will kill characters or destroy any vehicles in its path, unless it has come to a stop.
  • Should the character be at the west end of the map when the Cara-Van spawns, it will instead spawn on the south-east end, by the Three Horns - Valley entrance, and from there make its way west.
  • There is a bug where the Cara-Van escorts spawn but not the Cara-Van itself.
  • The chest on the top of the Cara-Van is always a green Dahl Chest.