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Capture the Frag is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

Looks like the COV started killing each other. How about we give them a hand?
— In-game description


"Looks like the COV started killing each other down in the valley nearby. Some crazy deathmatch the Calypsos started between their followers. You know, for funsies."


  • This mission can be picked up from Clay in Reliance.


  • Go to Tyreen's camp
  • Kill Team Tyreen
  • Activate payload
  • Escort payload
  • Go to Troy's camp
  • Kill Team Troy
  • Drop the load
  • Talk to Clay


  • Entering Troy's camp from direction opposite (side where the "Fat Cyclone" is) to the objective marker prevents completion of the mission objective even with no enemies left. Restarting the game and entering the camp through the main gate solves the problem.

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