Capture the Flags is an optional mission offered by Brick in Borderlands 2.



  • Place Sawtooth Stilts flag
  • Use Sawtooth Stilts generator
  • Raise Sawtooth Stilts flag
  • Place Scalding Remnants flag
  • Use Scalding Remnants generator
  • Raise Scaling Remnants flag
  • Place Reservoir flag
  • Use Reservoir generator
  • Raise Reservoir flag


The Sawtooth Stilts flag is at the back of the valley, requiring a fight through bandits in order to reach it. Once the generator is activated the bandits attack in waves from all sides. If they do enough damage to the generator it will need to be repaired to resume the slow flag-raising process. The close proximity of the attack ensures that damage to the generator is highly likely.

The Scalding Remnants flag is in an exposed location well out in the Scalding Remnants. The area is only sparsely populated by bandits, but there are also some threshers that might attack if anyone strays into the water. The enemy waves consist of buzzards, which approach from the direction of the Buzzard Nest, and these will disgorge pairs of Marauders who proceed to attack from the ground. Cover here is limited, but there is a low fence that offers moderate protection from the marauders.

The Reservoir generator is beyond the reservoir, well away from the bandit's homes. Bandits will emerge from the street when the generator is activated, and buzzards may also attack from the Buzzard Nest. Most targets here will be at long range and approaching in the open, so long range weapons are ideal for picking them off before they get close enough to damage the generator.


"Slabs fo' life"

Turn In: Brick


  • If a Raging Goliath breaks a generator, he will continue to wail away on it endlessly even though it cannot be damaged further.
  • Enemies will keep coming to attack the generator and any Vault Hunters protecting it, even if the generator breaks down. Once the flag gets raised to the pole position, enemies will stop spawning.

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