Captain Samuel Traunt is a boss in Borderlands 3.


Captain Traunt is tasked with the mission to lead the Maliwan forces in an operation on Athenas. He is encountered at the end of the story mission The Impending Storm.



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  • "I know you think I'm doing this 'cause I enjoy terrorizing you, but it's actually to make my big brother proud of me! He's a General, y'see, and I got a, heh, HUGE inferiority complex about it. So if I have to burn down your entire monastery to impress him, then... so be it, y'know?"


  • Captain Traunt has a chance of dropping the Tankman's Shield at Mayhem 4 and above.
  • Captain Traunt has a chance of dropping the Kaoson at Mayhem 6 and above.
  • Captain Traunt's first name is Sammy.

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  • Captain Traunt is unique as he is a combination of both a Maliwan Pyrotech Heavy and a Maliwan Icebreaker Heavy.

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