Captain Scarlett, originally from the planet Eunomia, is the titular NPC and the main antagonist of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, the first DLC for Borderlands 2. She seeks a treasure and already knows where to find two of the four compass pieces needed to locate the treasure. Being a pirate, she is extremely untrustworthy, and attempts to betray the Vault Hunters. Ironically, she also suffers from an honesty streak as well, blatantly telling her enemies of her treacherous intents. The few times she had been truly deceptive were often revealed to be result of her forgetfulness.


After hearing about Captain Blade's treasure, Scarlett and her friend Sandman commandeered a ship out in Wurmwater. They then found two out of four pieces of a compass that would point the way to the lost treasure. Scarlett then betrayed Sandman by trying to literally stab him in the back to get his compass piece, but he escaped and began building a new pirate gang to take down Scarlett. Scarlett had a third compass piece almost in her grasp when her shipmate Herbert had one in his possession, although lost this as well when she kicked him off her crew because, aside for his sexual advances, he had been stalking her.

After pursuing a lengthy and fruitless quest for the lost treasure, Scarlett met the Vault Hunters and set them to the task of recovering the compass pieces instead. When this was accomplished, she directed them to Magnys Lighthouse to see where the compass would lead. It revealed a secret location in the desert sands, but instead of sending the Vault Hunters to the site, she went herself and dispatched a portion of her crew to finish off the Vault Hunters.

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At Scarlett's moment of triumph however, the treasure's guardian, the Leviathan, rose up out of the sands and swallowed her whole. Even more surprising to her was the fresh arrival of the Vault Hunters, who had followed her and had likewise been swallowed. Scarlett fought them in the belly of the beast riding her pet Rakk Hive Roscoe, who was swallowed by the Leviathan during her search for the lost treasure, but he was killed and she ultimately conceded defeat and fled the scene via personal teleporter. As she fled she left parting words saying that they would meet again soon.


Captain Scarlett is primarily a mission provider in Wurmwater, guiding the flow of events throughout the main story of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • During an active mission
    • "Better stay alive so I can kill ya later! Haha."
    • "For a second I considered splitting the treasure with you fifty-fifty. But then I was like, eh."
    • "Shame you couldn't have met Roscoe. He was a real sweet pet. I miss 'im."
    • "So, how ya doin'?"
    • "Shouldn't you be, like... treasure hunting right now?"
    • "My crew's been talkin' about you. I mean, they haven't been saying anything nice, but still, least they're talking."
    • "So, you came out here lookin' for the treasure, huh? Same here. Course, I spent years building a pirate empire to track down the treasure and you'll probably find it within the next few hours, but I won't hold that against you."
    • "Make sure you watch out for the Leviathan. Damn thing can swallow mountains."
    • "Hey, quick question -- has Moxxi said anything about me?"
    • "How are you diggin' my ship? Stole it from its original owner. Mutiny. Very bloody. And slightly hilarious."
  • Unrelated mumblings
    • "(sigh of relief)"
    • "Lookin' good."
    • "Hunh."
    • "That's... a thing."
    • "Hey! Open up!"
    • "Damn!"
    • "Hey, how are ya?"
    • "Well well.
    • "Bleh."
    • "Nice."


  • One of her dialogues hints that she may have been another of Mad Moxxi's lovers, asking if she said anything about her. While this is said by several minor NPCs, Scarlett's dialogue is different.
  • At the end of the mission Just Desserts For Desert Deserters, Captain Scarlett mentions in her dialogue that she actually prefers overweight men. This along with the previous trivia note could imply that she is actually bi-sexual.
  • Unused dialogue for both Shade and Scarlett herself indicate that the Vault Hunter was meant to kill her at one point in development. In particular, there is an unused echo from Shade that says, in part, "You killed Captain Scarlett? Cool, very cool." An additional dialogue concerning a scrapped raid boss relating to Roscoe also mentions "the late Captain Scarlett".
  • Anthony Burch has confirmed that Scarlett and Nisha are friends.
  • During the mission Grandma Flexington's Story: Raid Difficulty, Grandma Flexington mentions running into Scarlett at some point. She mentions that the Captain is a very polite person, and holds no grudges against the Vault Hunters after what happened, and suggests that they hook up with her.


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