Captain Dyer is a mini-boss encountered in Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3. It is a unique Krich and can be found in Negul Neshai. It is also the final boss encounter of the mission The Madness Beneath.


Captain Dyer was once a member of a Dahl research team, originally led by Eleanor and Vincent. During an excavation, Dyer and his team discovered a massive crystal deep within a cave system. Captain Dyer believed that this crystal, that he named Crystal, was speaking to him. When he discovered two members of his team-Sampson and Janes-had stolen supplies, he killed them for it. He believed that Crystal said it was for the best that they died. Sometime later, Captain Dyer downloaded all of his memories into an AI chip that would seal the cave the crystal was located in should "the madness" ever surface again. No doubt after this, Dyer transformed into a Krich.

When the Vault Hunter powers up the mining laser after venturing into the caves to destroy "Crystal", Captain Dyer appears and fights them. Once he is dead, it is revealed that Crystal was just an ordinary crystal and that Captain Dyer was just insane.



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