For the legendary artifact in Borderlands 3, see Otto Idol (Borderlands 3).

Captain Blade's Otto Idol is a cursed unique relic manufactured by the Eridians. Captain Blade's Otto Idol is obtained from the mission Message In A Bottle (The Rustyards).

Special Effect

Every man for himself! – Killing an enemy restores health.
Curse of the Sudden-er Death! – Reduces Fight for your life duration by approximately 3 seconds.

Usage & Description

This is best use in conjunction with weapons that have large explosive spread, as multiple kills will quickly heal the wearer. Additionally, when in Fight for your life the spread from such weapons (such as launchers) will make it easier to get a Second Wind, largely canceling out the negative effect of the relic.

Another use is in conjunction with Gaige's Blood Soaked Shields skill. The relic's minimum 5.5% healing rate means it will always cancel out the max 5% health loss of the skill, thus resulting in full shields and partial healing upon kill. The Idol does factor in before Blood Soaked Shields, meaning you take damage when killing something from full health.

The Otto Idol also combines well with Zer0's Resurgence skill, closing the gap left by the relative-to-missing-health aspect of the skill and allowing Zer0 to be fully healed by killing enemies. Combined with Many Must Fall, this can allow Zer0 to enter Decepti0n at very low health only to be fully healed after taking down as few as three enemies.

Though it is primarily an undesirable effect, the Otto Idol's curse also provides a slight boon while in multiplayer. While the wearer's Fight For Your Life time is reduced, the time it takes for a teammate to revive the wearer is also reduced.

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