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The Manly Man Shield is a unique cursed shield manufactured by Torgue. Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield is obtained from the mission Message In A Bottle (Wurmwater).

Special Weapon Effects[]

What a fabulous window treatment. – Adds bonus explosive damage to melee attacks.

Curse of the Elementals! – Wearer takes increased damage from elemental sources.

Usage & Description[]

The Manly Man Shield functions as a normal shield except against elemental attacks, which inflict increased damage upon the wearer.


  • The explosive damage is equal to 40% of the character's base melee damage. Melee skills, relics, and weapon bonuses do not increase the shield's potency.
  • The 40% base melee damage trait does not extend to Deathtrap when the shield is equipped to Deathtrap via the Sharing is Caring ability. The explosive damage it adds to his melee is miniscule and has no real effect on his damage output.


  • The "What a fabulous window treatment," flavour text is a quote from the movie In & Out. The movie's main character attempts to restore his heterosexuality by using a self-help cassette tape and is tricked by the aforementioned line.