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Cannon is the title of a group of common assault rifles in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured exclusively by Jakobs and feature the Torgue barrel.

Usage & Description

The Cannon fires explosive rounds in the shape of grenade-like spheres affected by gravity. Each shot fired consumes two rounds of ammunition. Upon striking a wall, floor, or obstacle, the Cannon's grenade will bounce once. Upon striking an enemy at any point in its trajectory, or upon striking an obstacle after the first bounce, the shot explodes.

Upon exploding, the shot delivers 100% of its gun damage value as splash damage in a small radius. The shot inflicts no additional impact damage upon a direct hit. Bonuses to grenade or splash damage will not increase the damage delivered, nor will bonuses to rocket launcher damage. Bonuses to gun damage such as Axton's Impact skill, however, will increase damage delivered.

Notable Variants

Borderlands 2

  • StinkpotUnique corrosive rifle that fires grenades with no initial arc until they ricochet. Grenades explodes with a large corrosive splash effect that contagious spreads to other enemies.


  • The Cannon's grenades have a small blast radius and travel with such force that they will ricochet a fair distance even if fired at the user's feet, preventing self-damage in most cases.
  • Despite the Cannon's explosive element, it receives bonuses from Axton's Duty Calls skill.
  • Cannons have an incredibly high selling price compared to other assault rifles of the same level and rarity, being worth around five times as much. The Cannon shares this attribute the Dahl Grenadier, another rifle also using the Torgue barrel.
  • Like all assault rifles with the Torgue Torpedo barrel, detonating Cannon projectiles can be absorbed by an Absorption Shield, which will convert them into rocket launcher ammunition instead of assault rifle ammunition.
  • The Cannon is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.
  • The Cannon is not available in white rarity for earlier stages in the game.
  • The Cannon is the only non-unique Jakobs weapon that deals elemental damage.