Can't Feel A Thing is a challenge in the Caustic Caverns.


In order to complete this challenge, a character has to withstand the acid for 30 seconds without going down. This can be accomplished with several strategies, that include, but are not limited to:

  • Having health regenerate with skills, class mods, and/or relics.
  • Having a high combined health and shield capacity.

The character must be under the effects of the acid lake DoT (Damage over Time) for 30 seconds. It is not necessary to be standing in the lake, as the challenge can complete while the damage effect persists on a character that has just exited the acid.


  • Standing in the acid for 30 seconds straight is not required, only having the DoT applied for 30 seconds total is.
  • This challenge is best done concurrently with I Bet I Can Make It because of how long corrosive DoT lasts (8 seconds).


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