Calm, Cool, Collected is a tier 5 passive skill in Zane's Under Cover skill tree. With this skill learned, whenever Zane freezes an enemy, his shield will instantly begin recharging. If his shields are already full, he will regenerate health for a few seconds. If his health is already full, both the cooldown and duration of his Action Skills will be reset.


  • Health Regeneration: up to 3% of Max Health per second
  • Regeneration Duration: 3 seconds


  • The Front Loader shield disrupts the function of this skill, as health is reserved rather than maximum health reduced. With this shield equipped, the skill will never read the character's health as full and the action skill reset component will never trigger.
  • Shields that provide 0 capacity, such as the Rough Rider, will always be considered full and will not disrupt this skill in any way. This can be used to skip directly to the health and skill buffs.
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