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Call of the Deep is an optional mission in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3.


"Omen says he needs to get below the ice and meet his "Fish Queen". You pretty much have to take his word for it on this one.
Help a fish-bro get back to his people."



  • Get power coil
  • Remove power coil
  • Return to crane
  • Place power coil
  • Take empty blood jar
  • Go to Gythian blood source
  • Kill all kriches in cave
  • Kill Slorgok the Fecund
  • Get krich flesh
  • Place empty blood jar
  • Get Gythian blood
  • Meet Omen at fishing hole
  • Place flesh on hook
  • Place Gythian blood
  • Back away from blood
  • Shoot Gythian blood
  • Defend Omen
  • Give Omen a hand
  • Defend Omen
  • Watch fish brother make entrance
  • Get fish
  • Place fish in Omen's hut
  • Exit hut
  • Wait...
  • Get headlights (2)
  • Attach left headlight
  • Attach right headlight
  • Escort Omen to cage
  • Close cage
  • Activate crane
  • Lower Omen to his destiny



  • Mission items:
    • Power Coil - You have a hard hat, right?
    • Empty Blood Jar - Think of all the blood that can fit in here!
    • Krich Flesh - Shucked and plucked, baby!
    • Full Blood Jar - Just your everyday, normal jar of monster blood.
    • Fish - Smells terrible.
    • Headlight - It's out of fluid, but it should still work.


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