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Cal Bronson is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in the Bounty of Blood DLC for Borderlands 3.


Cal Bronson is a Devil Riders' lieutenant and member of the Bronson Family alongside Adelai, Degan and Kender found in The Blastplains. According to Juno, they call themselves the Riders of Ruin and strike fear in the inhabitants of The Blastplains. He is one of the targets for the Gehenna's Most Wanted (The Blastplains) challenge.



  • Cal Bronson is a Outlaw Rider who rides a Radiation, uniquely thin Hellion, always wields a Radiation Maliwan SMG and prefers long-range.
  • His mount's attacks include:
    • Stomp - a close-range jump designed to knock the Vault Hunter back.
    • Radiation Spitball - a high speed ranged attack that homes onto the Vault Hunter with a radiation spitball.
    • Radiation Vomit - throws up multiple radiation balls that roll on the ground and explode, can roll close or very far.
  • They share a health bar and can't be separated.
  • Despite being radiation-based, they do not resist radiation damage.


  • His mount is a unique species of devil.
  • He is the only Devil Rider to ride a non-augmented Hellion-like devil.