Cadeuceus is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed at The Backburner and continuing in The Burrows.


"Why don't we try that again? This time with more science! We gotta get those sorry bastards a cure! You know the drill by now. But get me some tougher mutant parts this time! Maybe that'll help.



  • Collect infected Lichtenthrope parts: 0/2
  • Bring body parts to Dr. Zed
  • Take antidote
  • Open cell
  • Give cure to experiment
  • Kill failed experiment



"So it turns out he didn't quite nail it this time. After you brought him the requested load of mutant parts, he developed a new serum, which shockingly did not cure the test subject, but instead turned it into a stronger, more monstrous super mutant. Oops."

Turn In: Dr. Zed

Mission Transcript

Main article: Cadeuceus/Transcript


  • Mission items:
    • Infected Body Part - "Ahhh, infection: the natural intersection of science and love."
    • Dr. Zed's Antidote - "This will definitely work."


  • Game files indicate that Cadeuceus began development as a second and third mission in a sequence of three, but elements of these were compiled into one mission.


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