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For the faction, see Children of the Vault.
Enjoy uninterrupted damage-dealing courtesy of “infinite” ammo magazines, occasionally interrupted by unpredictable overheating
— Borderlands official site

COV (Children of the Vault) is a manufacturer introduced in Borderlands 3.

COV weapons examples

COV replaces the Bandit brand from Borderlands 2. The weapons are similar in design and their unique magazine capacity stays true to the large magazine sizes of the former bandit weapons.

Weapons of the Children of the Vault behave differently than conventional weapons. When they are drawn, the engine must be started, leaving the character vulnerable for a moment. These weapons also do not have a magazine; instead they pull ammunition directly from the weapon's pool and never need to be reloaded. The weapons feature a heat gauge that heats up as the weapon is continuously fired. If this gauge reaches its limit, the weapon will "break" and must be fixed. The fixing animation is essentially the same as reloading but typically takes longer. It is also more inconsistent as various fixing animations are used for each weapon. Heat will dissipate after the gun is not fired for a short time.

COV guns resemble their Bandit creators as crude, makeshift weapons. They are typically created from junk such as aluminum cans, beer bottles, and copious amounts of duct tape. Unlike their bandit/scav counterparts, COV weapons focus exclusively on pistols, assault rifles, and rocket launchers.


Common weapons

Unique weapons

Legendary weapons:



  • Repair time is treated the same as reload speed. It is increased by any stats that increase reload speed, and repairing a weapon will activate any effects that occur upon reloading.
  • Heat is generated per ammo consumed, not per shot fired. Therefore, weapons which consume multiple ammo per shot will generate heat multiple times faster.


  • "COV guns are engine-driven, and have to be started before they can be fired." (Load screen help teaser)


  • Some COV weapons feature gun parts from Borderlands 2, including the old Dahl and Torgue barrels.