CL4P-L3K is a notable Claptrap in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


CL4P-L3K is the result of Tassiter's desire to have a Hyperion robot designed for a combat role. Much of the robot was cobbled together from the basic frame of a CL4P-TP unit and other parts scavenged from the Veins of Helios.


During the mission Eradicate!, Tassiter requests CL4P-L3K to be fabricated to kill Eghood, an infected Dahl Engineer. Unfortunately, the bot attacks anything on sight, forcing the Vault Hunters to guide it carefully to Eghood. At the end of the mission, the Vault Hunters are enraged by the hassle brought by the bot, so depending on their choices, it is either destroyed or left unharmed.



  • CL4P-L3K has a chance of dropping the legendary 3DD1.E oz kit.
  • If patch 1.0.5 is not installed, CL4P-L3K can only be a respawnable enemy if it is trapped rather than destroyed during Eradicate!. If the patch is installed, CL4P-L3K can be spawned after the mission's completion by activating the same terminal that began its assembly during the mission.
    • If CL4P-L3K was not destroyed during Eradicate! with patch 1.0.5 installed, this can result in two CL4P-L3Ks being present - one that is spawnable from the terminal and one that appears alongside Eghood.
    • However, CL4P-L3K can sometimes be automatically spawned by the game when the Vault Hunter gets close enough to the fabricator, and it will chase the Dahl Soldiers and Infected enemies within.


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