For the similarly named unique assault rifle in Borderlands, see The Chopper.

CHOPPER is a unique aftermarket assault rifle in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt manufactured by bandits. The CHOPPER can only be obtained as a rare drop from Dexiduous the Invincible located in Hunter's Grotto.

Special Weapon Effects

Get to it. – Massive magazine size. Continuously shoots with only one press of the trigger. Extremely fast fire rate and low accuracy. Fires 4 projectiles at the cost of 6. Decreased reload speed.

Usage & Description

To use this weapon in standard combat can be extremely costly, in some cases even more than most rocket launchers. Because it empties its entire magazine with a single trigger pull, and at an exceptionally high rate, it is easy to run out of ammunition before nearby foes can be dispatched.

Sustained fire from this weapon is supported by the use of the ammo stockpile relic, but even then, the large magazine size and rate of fire means that the gun can only be reloaded twice at most. Using a melee attack or switching weapons interrupts the firing and conserves some ammo.

It is best used as an emergency weapon for getting a second-winds from close or mid-range enemies.

The weapon's fast fire rate works especially well with Krieg when he is using the Bloodlust skill tree, and it benefits greatly from his Bloody Revival skill.


  • The CHOPPER is one of several unique weapons returning from Borderlands.
  • The red text is a reference to the line, "Get to the chopper!" from the movie Predator.
  • The CHOPPER is the fastest-firing weapon in the game, able to obtain a maximum fire rate of 18.1 rounds per second.
  • The CHOPPER has the largest magazine capacity of any weapon in the game with a minimum capacity of 1025.
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