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C3n50r807 (pronounced "Censorbot") is a Hyperion loader that resides in a cubicle in Washburne Refinery. It is obsessed with censorship, and requests the Vault Hunters' help in stopping disgusting and illegal activities.




New quest available
"Immoral behavior must be destroyed."
"Help me cleanse Pandora."
"Do not curse or expose yourself."

During an active quest
"Have you made Pandora safe for children yet?"
"C3n50r807 demands a quest update."
"You have not completed your quest. This is unforgivable."

No new quests
"No jobs for you. Move on."
"Move on. Nothing to see here."
"Everything is moral right now. No jobs."

While idle
"Your staring is inappropriate."
"Stop undressing me with your eyes."
"Why not take a picture? It will last longer."

Unrelated mumblings
"This is inappropriate."
"That is inappropriate."
"All this must be censored."
"What smut."

Ready to turn in
"You have made Pandora a better place."
"Pandora's moral fiber: strengthened."
"It is a non-sexual pleasure to see you."

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