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By The Seeds of Your Pants is an optional mission in Borderlands given by TK Baha. It is one of several missions that becomes available after T.K. Has More Work is complete, and as such is considered to be "another" job from TK.


"I'll only survive the winter if I can plant my crops soon enough, but I'm out of Bladeflower Seeds. I haven't been able to restock since I closed up Skag Gully. I used to get my seeds from the caves in there while I was hunting skag. Their vomit must make for amazing fertilizer. Blasted smelly piss mongers apparently are good for something. If you're willing to risk your life and personal hygiene to give a blind man a hand, I'll reward you."



By The Seeds Of Your Pants

Video walkthrough


Gather Bladeflower Seeds and return to T.K. Baha.
  • Bladeflower Seeds: 0/8


T.K. states that he needs the Bladeflower Seeds to plant so he can get though the winter, and needs more from Skag Gully. The Bladeflowers are scattered along the curving path on the north part of the map. Follow the trail, killing Skags along the way. The skags on this path are tougher than those previously encountered, and include Adult Skags and Badass Skags. There is also a hidden chest behind some brambles up a side path at the topmost bend.

Return to T.K. to finish the mission.


"I can't believe you waded through skag infested, vomit encrusted caves just so I won't starve in the coming season. That's right neighborly of you, and I want you to have this. Even better, come back in a few months, and I'll cook you some of my famous Bladeflower Stew!"


  • Text on card of Bladeflower Seed item: The seed itself is sharp and thorny just like the rest of the plant.


  • Despite the fact that bladeflower seeds are collected from Skag Gully, the plants are also growing near T.K. Baha's shack. However, they are paler, possibly indicating they are dead or dying, hence the need for more seeds.