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Butcher Rose is the main antagonist of the Bounty of Blood DLC.


Butcher Rose, or just Rose, is the leader of the criminal organization Devil Riders, although the gang appears to have existed long before she became the leader. Her family has been living on Gehenna for at least three generations, and her grandma worked for Jakobs under a project of creating a biological weapon through research of "Core", a substance found on Gehenna.


Rose is the first character to be encountered by the Vault Hunters in the Bounty of Blood DLC along with her beloved pet devil, Toge. Appearing to be friendly, she travels with the Vault Hunters to Vestige and fights with them against the Devil Riders. When Toge is crippled, she ends its suffering with a quick mercy kill and soon parts ways with the Vault Hunters.

Her second appearance will be in the invasion of Devil Riders, revealed to be the ruthless leader of the gang. She defeats the Sheriff in a showdown and fatally shoots him in the chest. She then leaves along with the Stone, which is later found to be the egg of the biological weapon her grandma was working on.

She eventually faces the Vault Hunters in person again near the end of the DLC. When defeated, she summons the Ruiner from the egg and disappears.