For the similarly named orc enemy, see Orc Bushwhacker.

Bushwack is the title of a group of shotguns in Borderlands 2. They are manufactured exclusively by Jakobs and use the Bandit barrel. The Bushwack is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Bushwack is a Jakobs' triple barreled shotgun possessing very high damage and pellet count at the cost of very low accuracy, a wide pellet spread, and a consumption of three ammo when fired. Because of its low accuracy and high spread, the Bushwack is not meant to attack enemies at range. Instead, it is best used at point-blank range so that all of the pellets will make contact and inflict maximum damage.

The Bushwack has no magazine and the shells are directly chambered at the rear end of the barrels by the user. The weapon can hold four rounds although it only has three barrels. This allows the gun to shoot twice before reloading, expending three rounds from the stored ammunition in addition to the remaining round in the weapon, giving the Bushwack an effective capacity of six rounds. 

This combined with the Jakobs perk that allows the weapon to shoot as fast the trigger is pulled lets the Bushwack deal massive damage at point blank range very quickly.


They only spawn at green or higher rarity.


  • Triquetra - Unique shotgun which fires 3 pellets per shot in a fixed triquetra pattern.
  • Hydra - Unique shotgun that fires pellets which form a spread of five groupings in a horizontal line.