Burying The Past is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Pick-up explosives
  • Place explosives on the Kronus
  • Blow the Kronus to Hell


Aubrey Callahan III has stashed some explosives in the wreck of a boat to the south of the Oasis township, and these need to be taken to the wreck of the Kronus. The encounters are stalkers near the stash of explosives, and sand worms near the wreck of the Kronus, both of which are easily dispatched with vehicular weapons.

Once the explosives are set on the Kronus, they need a detonator to be triggered, and this is in a nearby sand pirate encampment. The pirate inhabitants are common types and small in number.


"With her great-grandma erased from history, Aubrey can now attempt to live a normal life, free of child-schmafficking."

Turn In: Oasis Bounty Board


  • Mission Item: Explosives - "Sometimes you just need to blow stuff up."
  • There is a discoverable Vault symbol on the hull of the Kronus.


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