Burnin' Rubber is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Marcus.


"Those lousy rustbuckets have stolen Marcus' bus tires! Go to the Hyperion Dump and find six good looking tires. It's time to spruce this old girl up."



Burnin’ Rubber

Video walkthrough


Collect six good looking tires for Marcus.
  • Tires: 0/6


The objective is to scour the Hyperion Dump for old tires and there are six to collect, each positioned in specific locations. The tires are retrievable items highlighted in green, and disappear when picked up. They can be acquired in any order. Tire locations numbered on the attached map according to waypoint sequence.

Upon reaching the middle of the dump, claptraps will surround the Vault hunters from three sides. Fall back toward the entrance to avoid becoming surrounded. Claptraps will swarm upon the characters' location.


"Six shiny new tires for Marcus' ride! And these hardly have any roadkill in them yet!"


  • Text of Good Looking Tires item: Only slightly used bus tires.
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