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The Bunny is a legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Tediore. The Bunny is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from any "chubby" enemy.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Hippity hoppity! – When reloaded it drops out active grenades at random while bouncing like a rabbit leaping.

Usage & Description[]

The Bunny features a pink paint job with a feral-looking rabbit decal on the side. Instead of rocketing away, as with most Tediore rocket launchers, it skips and bounces along the ground, leaving explosives behind as it travels. Like other Tediore rocket launchers, the Bunny will conserve ammo; upon reload, it will only subtract how many shots were fired instead of the whole magazine.

The grenades dropped and the final explosion of the launcher will harm the character. Care to avoid the bouncing launcher is recommended, considering the erratic path the Bunny tends to have on uneven terrain.


Dplc card13 bunny
  • The bounce path is affected by terrain.
  • Caution should be used when reloading (either manually or auto-reload) in any close quarters, as the weapon can explode lethally nearby, moreso than most other Tediore weapons. (It's all too easy to take fatal damage in Marcus' Target Practice, for example.)
  • On Day 24 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt, the Bunny dropped from King Mong in the Eridium Blight. A hotfix was implemented to increase damage and magazine size.
  • A single Bonus Bunny is unlocked through the use of a SHiFT code included in the Diamond Plate Loot Chest. The caption on the item card reads "No, we're not going to put an Alice in Wonderland quote here."
  • The Bunny's reload damage, including the grenades it spawns while being thrown, is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.