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Bulwark Grawns are enemies encountered in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion for Borderlands 3. They serve as enforcers and medium troopers for the Bonded cult.



Bulwark Grawns are the most troublesome of their archetype, behind the Ascendant Grawn that is, due to their resilience and combat abilities. They will always enter the battlefield armed with a Shotgun and a Bonded Shield, usually keeping close to their enemies to melee or blast them. The shield can be disposed of with concentrated gunfire to leave the Grawn open to damage before he conjures a replacement. The most deadly ability the have, however, is the ability to leap into the air and slam their shield into the ground, creating powerful tremors that should be avoided to limit the chance of being crippled.


  • The Bulwark Grawn's name remains the same on higher difficulties.

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