The Bullymong is a four-armed, ape-like creature in Borderlands 2. It can climb tall structures with ease, and is capable of leaping great distances. The arms of a bullymong are the primary limbs for locomotion while the legs are barely more than vestigial appendages that bullymongs stand with, but tuck up under themselves when they walk. The power of their arms is so great that many bullymongs can hurl objects up to the size of a car.

Types of Bullymongs

  • Adult Bullymong - Fully grown bullymongs that employ melee attacks, long distance projectile flinging and long distance jumps towards the player. More inclined to punching and jumping at a player than throwing rocks.
  • Bedrock Bullymong - Fully-grown bullymongs with rock-hard skin, resistant to damage.
  • Brat Bullymong - Juvenile bullymongs.
  • Bullymong, Slinger
    Bullymong Slinger - Fully developed bullymongs which usually keep their distance, flinging projectiles toward targets. Will often back away from a player rather than punching them.
  • Monglet - Young bullymongs without fully developed limbs.

True Vault Hunter Mode

  • Bullyrott - Corrosive-element bullymong, performs a ground slam attack that has a large radius.
  • Demong


    Demong - Head and shoulders stronger than most Bullymongs, deal fire damage and attack in groups. This enemy only spawns in the Eridium Blight.
  • Rockwall Bullymong - Can pick up giant walls of rock (hence the name) that prevent damage and charge forward much like a BUL Loader. Rockwall Bullymongs most commonly spawn in the Eridium Blight.

Badass bullymongs have their two upper arms covered in animal bones, which they will cover their face with, and will then charge forward.

Unique Bullymongs


  • Bullymongs are tough, but are largely unarmoured.
  • The moderately high amount of damage generated by their attacks means that they ideally need to be killed quickly.
  • They are also considered Flesh for the purpose of the game's elemental damage system.
  • Although their mobility is limited, they often can partially dodge submachine gun fire.

Taking the above four points into consideration, a shotgun with fire elemental damage is the most effective means of dealing with Bullymongs at close range, while a pistol or sniper rifle may be desirable for long distance work. Given the amount of damage that large bullymongs can do at melee range, killing them before they can get to you is preferable.


  • Bullymong

    Primal Beast, Feravore, or Bonerfart? You decide.

    During the mission The Name Game, bullymongs undergo temporary name changes. The temporary names are Primal Beast, Ferovore, and Bonerfart.


  • Bullymongs have orange blood. This can be seen by using medium or high PhysX effects.
  • The Borderlands 2 official guide states that bullymong dens are made out of a flaky, white clay substance.

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