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Bullpup is a unique shotgun manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained as a loyalty reward for having a Borderlands save file present on one's hard drive.

Special Effect[]

One bad pup! – Greatly increased magazine size, increased critical hit damage and slightly increased accuracy, firing speed, and reload speed compared to blue old-style Hyperion shotgun.

Usage & Description[]

The Bullpup is notable for being superior to similar blue-rarity shotguns in almost every way, and it is automatically granted upon character creation. This gives it a great deal of worth to new characters, who may find it to be a powerful workhorse weapon for many levels to come.


  • All parts (grip, barrel, sight, and stock) are fixed.
  • Can spawn without any accessory in which case it gets A-Triple-Plus prefix.


  • Bullpups are real-world rifles or submachine guns in which the action and the magazine are located behind the trigger, allowing for a more compact gun design with the same barrel length as a conventional gun (the Steyr AUG is probably the most recognizable bullpup-style gun in pop culture; all SMGs in the original Borderlands are modeled after this configuration).
  • The name is a double-entendre: it and the red text refer to the Dahl Bulldog from Borderlands.