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Bugged is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx that becomes available on T-Bone Junction Bounty Board after Bridging the Gap is complete. It involves killing Lance, bugging a communications dish, and taking a gondola ride.


"Citizens of Pandora. The fine people of the Dahl corporation would like to invite you to help us help you deal with your Atlas problem. There is an Atlas communications tower near their new facility. There is a nice reward for anyone who can place the provided listening device onto the tower."




Video walkthrough


Bug the communications dish near the Atlas armory.
  • Find lever
  • Activate gondola
  • Place bug



From the Vehicle Station where you first enter Road's End, drive down the slope and make a sharp U-Turn to the right. Continue to your right to the Gondola Station. You will encounter Adult Skags near the station. The lever is up on the platform.


First, go to the waypoint marked for the lever. Be aware that you can't drive all the way there - you'll have to get out at one point and go through an area containing some Skag Riders. One may need to jump over a terrain glitch at the start of the path to the lever. After you've gotten that, you can head to the next waypoint through the Skag Rider area, which is shorter, or you can backtrack to your vehicle and drive all the way around to the gondola station, which requires less effort (barring Drifters, of course).

Put the lever in its place and immediately get into one of the gondola cars made of storage containers. It'll take you up to an otherwise unreachable, elevated section of Road's End.

From here, it's quite easy. Fight your way through the ranks of Crimson Lance and you'll eventually reach the waypoint at a computer. Walk behind the computer and press the action button to place the bug.


"Thank you! The Dahl corporation hopes you enjoy our free gift."


  • There is a weapons vendor and an ammo vendor at the top of the gondola.
  • The gondola is constantly going to and from the communications dish area, so it won't just wait for passengers.
  • Text of Gondola Lever item: The missing lever to reactivate the gondola.