Buff Film Buff is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"Buff is sick of watching Troy's propaganda videos, and wants you to help get his own film on the big screen so he can be a famous film man."



  • Search trash cans
  • Pick up ECHO drive
  • Find projector room
  • Attach ECHO drive
  • Kill Rohner
  • Find replacement bulb
  • Replace projector bulb
  • Talk to Buff Film Buff


  • Mission items:
    • ECHO Drive
    • Projector Bulb
  • Beneath the staircase leading to the projector room is a red loot chest.


  • Buff is a reference to Tommy Wiseau, creator of the infamously "so bad it's good movie" The Room. His inflection of words, non-sequitur comments, mysterious source of funds, steadfast belief in the merit of his works and bizarre accent are all hallmarks of Wiseau.
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