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'Buck Up' is a tier 2 skill Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree. It gives Deathtrap the ability to restore the shield of one ally.


  • Shield Restored: 100%
  • The restoration is gradual and instantly begins the recharging phase of a shield. Until Deathtrap finishes casting, shields will continue being restored even if the target is being damaged.


  • Sometimes Buck Up can glitch if Gaige enters a level transition just as Deathtrap recharges her shields and persist indefinitely.
  • Deathtrap may attempt to restore the shields of Vault Hunters that are unable to have their shields restored, specifically characters not even wearing a shield, or are Crippled, or equipped with The Rough Rider which has 0 shield capacity.
    • This can be counter-intuitive if playing with Vault Hunters specced around keeping their shields down, most notably Krieg.
  • Deathtrap will occasionally restore enemy shields, even to enemies that do not have one. The reason for this seems to be that the regeneration bolts follow the same mechanics as bolts from an electric barrel, which seek out anything around.


  • Taking this skill adds a large yellow piece of slightly rusted armor to Deathtrap's right shoulder, and a smaller one to its chest.

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