Brute is a title of a group of assault shotguns with increased damage.

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Usage & Description

Brutes have no special characteristics apart from exceptional damage, and do not require any particular usage. Longbarrel variants of Brute- and Death-class shotguns manufactured by Hyperion, however, boast a degree of accuracy unmatched by any other shotgun, topping out at 82.3%. A Soldier with a level 5 Scattershot ability and a high-quality Commando COM could further augment both accuracy and base damage by as much as 45%, making a Brute an extremely effective weapon at medium and long ranges.


Because of the high damage requirements for qualifying as a Brute, Maliwan does not manufacture them.


Brute is a title (Title_Damage1_Brute) bestowed on assault shotguns with very high damage. They further define the weapon's traits by increasing damage even more. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Damage: +22%
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