Bruisers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.


Bruisers are large, muscular COV troopers armed with shotguns. Once they spot a target, they proceed towards it at a steady pace firing their shotguns. With no regard to their own safety, they take no evasive actions but rely on their own physical resilience rather than seek cover when under fire.


Borderlands 3


Being large and slow, Bruisers are relatively easy to fight. Only if within melee range, they will resort to a leg-kick or a hooking blow with their left arm. They tend to stop their attack and start performing a bravado display which leaves them exposed and vulnerable for several secons. As Bruisers never wear shields, they are extremelly vulnerable to Incendiary damage.


  • Another sacrifice for the offering box!
  • Killing's my business, dying's yours!
  • Dead in 3..2..1!


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