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It's Broken Hearts Day in the Borderlands, when Vault Hunter's thoughts turn to love and wreaking vengeance against those who spurned them. Maurice, Sanctuary's resident sentinent saurian, is studying human courting rituals as part of his cultural exchange program. Help him observe the Broken Hearts Day customs by shooting down the hearts causing different effects over the galaxy. Be sure to complete the challenges, as Maurice will reward you well. Not in femurs this time. He's sorry about that and it won't happen again.
— In-game tip

Broken Hearts Day is the February seasonal event in Borderlands 3, as of June 24, 2021, the event has been permanently added to the game. During this event enemies can spawn floating hearts which, when destroyed, produce different effects. Hearts and their effects are listed below:

Sizzling Lover Heart.png
Sizzling Lover
Drops on the ground creating a large toxic cloud and leaves corrosive puddle for a short time damaging any nearby enemies.
The Big Muscle Heart.png
The Big Muscle
Regenerates Vault Hunters health.
Burning Desire Heart.png
Burning Desire
Drops on the ground creating a large fireball and leaves incendiary puddle for a short time damaging any nearby enemies.
Bro Love Heart.png
Bro Love
Turns affected enemies into allies for a short time.
Looty Boi.png
Looty Boi
Drops loot of varying rarity. Higher game or Mayhem Modes produce higher-quality loot.
WrongEventError0285743 Heart.png
Spawns a random group of three Bloody Harvest ghosts.

If the enemy that spawned the heart is killed, the heart self-destructs without the associated effect. Those hearts do not count towards the achievement.

For breaking a certain number of hearts, Vault Hunters are awarded with achievements and gear as listed below:

Challenge Objective Reward
In It For The Candy Break 10 hearts. ECHOcardiogram skin
You Make My Heart Sting Break 25 hearts. Cosmic Romance weapon trinket
I Shoo-Shoo-Shoot You Break 50 hearts. Polyaimourous SMG
Nix Your Heart Break 75 hearts. Heartbreaker skin
Terminally Lovesick Break 100 hearts. Wedding Invitation sniper rifle