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Brittle Skeletons are enemies encountered in the DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep that dual wield swords.



Brittle Skeletons are recognizable by their distinctive blue crystal bones and dual wielded swords. In combat they march into battle to deliver melee attacks.

They are tougher than basic skeleton units, and their bony profile can make them difficult to target. Their crystal bones however, give them properties that sets them apart from other skeletons, and they have a reasonable chance to reflect bullets if hit into elsewhere other than their skulls. They are highly resistant to elemental damage, but are vulnerable to explosives and melee strikes.

Because of the reflective property, shooting at the feet of Brittle Skeletons with an explosive gun will deal damage without the risk of having shots reflected back. Rockets, gyrojets, grenade attacks, and Tediore reloads can also deal damage to them without being reflected.


  • Brittle Skeletons are extremely vulnerable to melee attacks. While most other skeletons suffer 1.5x melee damage, Brittle Skeletons suffer 30x melee damage, making melee attacks the quickest way to kill them.
  • After being destroyed, Brittle Skeleton bones can be picked up from the ground like money.
  • Brittle Skeletons have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Brittle Skeleton
    • TVHM: Fractured Skeleton
    • UVHM: Crystal Skeleton
  • Swords from SWORDSPLOSION!!! are reflected when they strike Brittle Skeletons.
  • Brittle Skeletons are the only skeletons that take increased damage from explosive weapons (2x multiplier to both bullet and splash damage).