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Bright Spadroon is a unique laser manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission These are the Bots.

Special weapon effects[]

The elegant way to be clumsy and random. – Always shock. Increased damage, continuous damage bonus, magazine size and fire rate. Extremely short usable range (almost melee range) and lasers shoot to the left of the crosshair. Reduced elemental effect chance. Cannot spawn with a sight and all parts fixed.

Usage and description[]

Due to its incredibly short range, the Bright Spadroon is only usable in close range combat. However, as it is a Beam laser, and it possesses both a damage and magazine size increase, the Bright Spadroon can be very deadly when properly used. The limited range also makes the heavy recoil less of an issue.

The Gladiator can make greater use of this weapon if points were put into her Ceraunic Storm skill tree, as it only spawns with the shock element. It will, however, systematically miss its target while Nisha's Showdown is activated.


  • The Bright Spadroon's fixed parts consists of a Maliwan barrel, grip and stock.
  • Due to the fixed parts and lack of accessories, weapons of the same level will always be identical.
  • The full name of the weapon is Toby's Bright Spadroon.


  • The Bright Spadroon is a reference to the lightsaber of the Star Wars franchise.
    • A spadroon was also a type of light sword popular among European officers in the late 18th century.