The Breath of Terramorphous is a unique E-tech grenade mod manufactured by Vladof. Breath of Terramorphous is a rare drop from Terramorphous the Invincible.

Special Weapon Effect

...His breath was of fire... – Always incendiary. Area of effect grenade; spawns child grenades that shoot geysers of flame into the air, burning anything within the blast radius.

Usage & Description

The Breath of Terramorphous has geysers of flame that deal incendiary damage which can be useful for picking off weaker non-armored enemies. The geyser's continuous damage should weaken, if not kill, most weaker targets with even greater effect if the target is slagged, but its random geyser pattern makes it difficult to use.


  • Salvador's Double Your Fun skill can double the chances of dealing damage with the geysers and counteract the random pattern for 1 grenade cost, but throwing two grenades (by any character) in the same area should allow for maximum effect. 
  • Krieg can make great use of this grenade mod in even small spaces because of his many skills (Burn, Baby, Burn, Numbed Nerves, Flame Flare, etc.) giving him benefits while he is aflame.


  • The Breath of Terramorphous uses the 'Vladof_5_Legendary' skin, suggesting that it was once a legendary concept, but was replaced by the Fire Bee.
  • It is the only E-Tech rarity grenade mod in the game.


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