Breaking the Bank is a mission to rob the Lynchwood Bank.


"Lynchwood has a bank. Brick has decided that banks were built for one reason, and one reason only: to be robbed."



  • Check out the bank
  • Find laxative
  • Get explosives from Mad Dog
  • Place bomb
  • Coat bomb with laxative
  • Dig through skag pile
  • Get to the bank
  • Blow vault open
  • Get loot 0/25
  • Get out of town
  • Hide evidence 0/3



"Blowin' stuff up, gettin' paid. Living the dream."

Turn In: Lynchwood Bounty Board


  • The mission can be blocked by killing the skag. Restarting Borderlands 2 and returning to Lynchwood has been found to be an effective method of resuming this mission.
  • Mission Items:
    • "Dumper Pumper" Brand Laxative - "Goes down easy, comes out smooth!" If a skag eats this, it will cause him to vomit. (Skags eat and defecate out of the same hole.)"
    • Loot - "Cash money."

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