Breaker is a legendary class mod for Amara. It is obtained from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from the Skag of Survival found on Gradient of Dawn.

Special Effects

The closer we are to danger, the further we are from harm. – Amara gains damage reduction. This bonus is based on the distance to the enemy. The closer the enemy, the greater the bonus.


Skill Bonuses

Variants of the Breaker class mod will distribute up to 5 bonus points across the following skills (each skill can obtain a bonus between 0-5):

Affected Variables

The Breaker class mod may grant up to three randomly selected bonuses which buff health, shields stats, weapons stats and elemental resistance and damage.


The Breaker class mod may receive any of the prefixes listed below:
Agoraphobic • Agoraphobic Flurrying • Flurrying Solitary • Rope-a-Dope • Rope-a-Dope Introverted • Rope-a-Dope Solitary


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