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Breach Troopers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. These troopers are a variant of the Flash Trooper that now utilizes close-quarters tactics unlike their more ranged brethren. They are first introduced at Atlas HQ, but are rarely found among Maliwan's ranks.



Despite their resemblance to Assault Troopers or Flash Troopers they bear a higher health pool than their brethren, utilizing their thicker armor to shrug off any oncoming damage so that they can close in for a melee or a powerful blast from their Shotgun. Much like Flash Troopers, these soldiers are armed with tech that allows them to rapidly maneuver around the battlefield. Occasionally, they prepare to do a lunge attack, where they will crouch down before flashing towards their target to deliver a powerful kick.

Much like their Flash Trooper counterparts, their backpack also counts as a critical spot and sustained gunfire to their backpack will cause the flash tech to malfunction, thus sending them careening into a wall or object at hypersonic speeds, thus killing them and damaging whatever they hit.