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For the Amara class mod in Borderlands 3, see Brawler (class mod).

Brawler is one of Brick's skill trees. It is focused mainly upon building up Brick's effectiveness with his Berserk Action Skill, as well as melee attacks in general. His other two skill trees are Blaster and Tank

Skill Tree[]


Brawler Skill Tree

Tier 1[]

  • Iron Fist: Increases the melee damage you deal. (First level: +6% Melee damage)
  • Endless Rage: Increases the duration of Berserk. (First level: +10% Berserk Duration)

Tier 2[]

  • Sting Like a Bee: Punching while Berserk causes you to dash forward and slug your enemies. (First level: Dash 4ft)
  • Heavy Handed: Killing an enemy greatly increases your melee damage for a few seconds. (First level: +12% Melee damage)

Tier 3[]

  • Prize Fighter: Chance to spawn cash prizes for melee attacks while Berserk is active. (First level: +6% chance to spawn a prize)
  • Short Fuse: Decreases cooldown of Berserk. (First level: -6s Berserk cooldown)

Tier 4[]

  • Blood Sport: Health is regenerated when you kill an enemy while Berserk is active. (First level: 2% Health regenerated per kill)

Brick skills
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