Brashi's Dedication is a unique sniper rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Dahl. Brashi's Dedication is obtained from the mission Head Case located in Ascension Bluff, on Pandora.

Special Weapon Effects

Three sims are better than one. – Extremely high accuracy (98%) and reduced recoil. Reduced projectile damage. Fires three projectiles for the cost of one ammo: one centered, and two more spinning in opposite directions to the left and right of the central projectile. Fire mode switches the element between shock (primary and 2.2x zoom) and corrosive (secondary and 8x zoom).

Usage & Description

The Brashi's Dedication has impressive handling and accuracy, as it has almost no recoil. It also has a higher base damage than generic Dahl sniper rifles of the same quality, though spread across three pellets.

Performance-wise, the unique projectile pattern of the weapon makes its damage misleading, as it is actually impossible to make all three pellets hit the critical spots of human enemies. While it can do above average damage if all three pellets hit, this requires careful positioning as the spiraling pellets have to hit the enemy's torso. This results in the gun actually dealing below average damage when sniping, as only the middle projectile will usually hit. Its excellent handling and guaranteed elements allow it to function effectively otherwise, though its damage will end up being unremarkable unless the target is large.

At close range, the projectiles of the weapon will end up meeting directly above the middle projectile, which makes hip firing undesirable.


  • Due to the delayed spawn of the spinning projectiles, Brashi's Dedication is an ineffective weapon for close-range combat.


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