Braaaaains is one of optional missions of the "Brains" series involving Zombie T.K. Baha in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.


"TK's hunger seems to be growing. Find him more brains."




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Get TK a bunch of brains to eat.
  • Braaaaains: 0/50


The objective is to shoot Hallow's End zombies in the head, collect fifty brains, and return them to Zombie TK Baha.
Other missions in the vicinity will offer an ample supply of zombies to kill, so this mission can be done in conjunction with the others.


"You gave him a bunch of brains. He appears to be coughing up an item..."


  • "Braaaaains" is all TK can talk about.
  • After the mission is turned in, TK will eat a brain and vomit up an item, such as a weapon, class mod or an artifact.


  • As long as a player stays in a zone, the brains that drop from zombies will remain on the ground until picked up. Therefore, if a player has completed the mission, with characters in Hallow's End, the extra brains can be left on the ground for the next Brains mission.

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