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Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains is final mission of the "Brains" series involving Zombie T.K. Baha in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. It's a good thing you like T.K and the Brains with 17 'a's.


"Holy crap. This time you are going to come back with enough. Find him more brains."




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Get TK a metric butt-ton of brains to eat.
  • Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains: 0/250


An optimal strategy is to pick up the first mission when the character goes to see Ned for the first time, complete the second mission while in the region. Complete the 100 brains mission, before going to kill Pumpkinhead nearby, and then pick up the 250 brains mission before continuing to do all of the other missions. Usually, before confronting Dr. Ned, the character should get most if not all 250 brains collected.

If a player forgets to finish any brains mission before ending the game, they can head back to the town of Hallow's End and go on a zombie killing massacre. Zombies only drop their brains when killed with a critical headshot.

There is a strategy for those who do not like being surrounded by zombies throwing up constantly. In the very beginning of the area there is a group of zombies in the caves before getting to the town. If a player moves slightly forward and to the left on the rocky ledge just before the area with the zombies they will chase after the character. By hanging back and to the right on the same rocky ledge, zombies will stop chasing the character. A player can get the zombies as close as desired and snipe them from safety. Zombies will respawn for a while, generating a high number of brains.

Since it can be difficult to take the time to line up headshots, another strategy is to use a reasonably powerful and accurate shotgun. By getting sufficiently close to zombies and making sure their heads are near the middle of the shotguns aiming reticle, a critical headshot is almost guaranteed every time. Using this technique in combination with going through the Lumber Yard (where there are a large number of scripted zombie encounters) it is possible to rack up over 100 brains in just one run through.


"You gave him a butt-ton of brains. He appears to be coughing up an item...! Hopefully he is finally satiated, and you've cleared his stomach of loot."


  • "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains" (that's spelled with 17 'a's) is all T.K. can talk about.
  • Brains will not drop if a headshot causes a zombie to explode due to an overwhelming amount of damage.
  • Completing this mission unlocks Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! (achievement).