For the common class mod in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, see Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter is a legendary class mod for FL4K.

Special Effects

"The world is made up of two classes - the hunter and the huntees." – FL4K has a 3% chance to activate any purchased Hunt Kill Skill when dealing gun damage. Bosses are now treated as humans, beasts, and robotics for FL4K's Hunt Skills.


Affected Variable

The Bounty Hunter class mod grants three of the following bonuses:

  • Action skill cooldown rate
  • Brand-specific weapon accuracy
  • Brand-specific weapon damage
  • Brand-specific weapon fire rate
  • Brand-specific weapon reload speed
  • Elemental resistance
  • Grenade capacity
  • Melee damage
  • Shield capacity
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Weapon damage
  • Weapon charge speed
  • Weapon critical damage
  • Weapon-type specific damage


  • Giant-Slayer Frenetic
  • Man-Eater
  • Rabid
  • God-Butcher
  • Venator
  • Collector Tallying

Skill Bonuses

Variants of the Bounty Hunter mod may grant the following bonuses:


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