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Bouncing Bonny is a legendary bouncing betty grenade mod in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Dahl. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Grenade Effects[]

Your sister is such a bitch. – Increased damage, blast radius, and reduced fuse time. Dispersed additional child grenades in the manner of a bouncing betty grenade with every bounce.

Usage and Description[]

In addition to its usefulness as a bouncing betty grenade, the Bouncing Bonny disperses child grenades over a wide radius, dealing additional damage to a wide area. A single Bouncing Bonny can clear out entire enemy spawns and is extremely useful when tossed out prior to an expected crippled status. The grenade's bullet spray cannot harm allies but care should be taken to avoid the child grenades.


  • The Bouncing Bonny has an almost identical Seraph counterpart, the Crossfire. Provided they have the same optional components, the Bouncing Bonny has slightly higher damage and states shorter fuse times on the weapon card, but deploys child grenades a bit slower.


Dplc card18 bonny
  • The flavor text refers to the 15th Century "murder ballad" called The Twa Sisters where a variant on the names of the two sisters includes Bonny as the older sister. The sisters head to a riverbank and the older sister, Bonny, pushes her younger sibling into the water. Bonny refuses to save her sister, due to a sense of sexual jealousy in some interpretations of the original poem.
  • A Bouncing Bonny can be unlocked through the use of a SHiFT code included in the Diamond Plate Loot Chest. The caption on the item card reads "Nah, just kidding. We're sure she's a really nice lady."

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